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+Your Wishful Thinking+
Happy, Birthday.
The year has gone by too fast.
Happy, birthday.
Your life has passed just like a dance,
You were a little kid, dancing in parks,
And now you're grown up,
and you're still afraid of the dark.
Happy, birthday.
You'll be turning 18 this year,
but you're still a little kid,
you still need a hand to hold.
Happy, birthday.
You'll be on your own soon,
and you'll make your way,
make your way,
make your way through everything.
On your own,
on your own,
that's how you'd,
rather do it...
Happy, birthday. Happy, birthday. Happy, birthday.
I hope you're happy now.
I hope you're happy now.
All alone.
I hope you think of me.
and let me, pass through your mind.
I hope you smile and,
you figure out, what it is,
you need to make you happy.
Happy, birthday.
You'll be turning 18.
Happy, birthday.
Your life has passed just like a dance,
You were a little kid, dancing in parks,
And now you're grown up,
and you're still afraid of the dark.
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+Airplanes and Dances+
Kill me if I'm wrong about this.
I've killed you because you taught me everything I know.
Everything I know about bullets and heartache.
You taught me what it's like to kill a friend,
and I hope that someday I find you,
Resiliant and floating facedown in a stream of fire.
Yeah I'm still here, and I'm not leaving tonight.
Not without a kiss goodbye and a string around my neck.
Till I see you on a cloudy summer day,
and I'll imagine her body was a temple in July.
A pupet on strings, a masquerade of dolls.
Clean out my bitter shelf of books and masks.
It' been, stacked up for weeks until nothing is left.
Everything is slowly changing. Stacking like egg crates.
Buildings are built on a scale and you don't have a cure,
for all the things that ail you on a thursday night.
Theres a false alarm every time you aproach,
cuz your body is trying to fight me, while your mind regrets you.
I hope that I'll see you, floating facedown in a stream of fire.
And we'll be holding hands with other people.
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+The Secret :Moors and Doors:+
I've never done anything like this before. My past is shadowed by moors of horrors. Everything I write is a story in its own right.
You'll see all that I've destroyed, you will. Like a phoenix I will rise and fall like the chest of a man who's sits in his home waiting for something but he'll never know. Cuz he's always alone, except for his mirrors.
Like a phoenix you will rise out of the ashes overcoming fear. And me, I'm certainly no help at all.
If I hide from myself then maybe I wont fall. If I cut out my tongue would you mind at all? I'd feed it to a snake. I'd feed it to myself, and I, would swallow it…
My face is covered by a mask of clay, an opera house of vanity. Outside the children are peering in, and they wonder why we do this to them. Why we laugh, so quiet, so easily.
And  the pots and pans in the kitchen sink, are left dirtied there, on the brink of sleep. And we all, want to do it, so eagerly. We are all so destined, to collapse, in the flame. The rats, and sp
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I'd more than give up what I have, just to hold your hand.
Make up a song for you on a flute. From the shattered mouth of pan.
Write you down a few less words,
from the mouth of a prophet named Art.
Just use your imagination.
Railroad tracks and Tic-tacs, Brand New and Early November…
That kid who, if I care about you enough,
you could stab me with a rusted railroad spike in the chest,
and I'd still sit next to you and bleed while I held your hand.
Just be happy, what you have. Make up plans for next time.
Wait a while, for demands. We can be alright.
Just don't break, don't let your legs crack,
don't fall over broken like a porcelain doll.
Just be happy, what we are.
Cinema movies, kissing skybreak. Old style crying and missing birthdays.
Paved white roads and broken glass.
Use the ink to make this white paper black…
Nothing is just ok. Not for the likes of a goddess.
Things have to be perfect, they have to be shaved. Cut out all the evil.
It's you who makes the sky fall, the daybreak
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+Heart Pieces+
My dearest,
I hope so much that we may talk for one brief moment today. I did not sleep last night, but stayed awake all night, reading your letters. Over and over. The largest smile fell across my face, as if it were a guided missile, falling towards it's target, and landing perfectly. I hope that the same fate befalls you.
My heart was found this morning, littered across my floor. In shards. Yet as I remembered your face and put it back together, it did not cut me once. Rather fell into place, as if nothing had occurred. We have been brought to a point of perfection. To the extreme that I wonder if some of the heart pieces were not mine, but your own. For when I placed it back together, it seemed larger, and more full than before. There are times I had looked at my heart, and as viewing it, felt that it was misshapen. At times it seemed to hold too little. Like a sealed jar of water, slowly evaporating. And at other times it would press outward, reforming, and reshaping itself again,
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+Eyeliner+ by Carousel-Of-Pictures +Eyeliner+ :iconcarousel-of-pictures:Carousel-Of-Pictures 0 1




United States
Current Residence: Kansas
Favourite genre of music: screamo.emo.electronica.indie.hardcore
Personal Quote: "The sweet, is never as sweet, without the sour."
I am Peter Pan.
I live for music.
I love my friends.
I am a writer.
I have my own style.
I love to dance.
I love my jeans with holes in them.
I shop in thrift stores.
I love the rain.
I love walks and car rides with music.
I love the late night phone calls.
I am a complete emotional trainwreck.

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